Why your houseplant collection isn't helping you relax as much as you think

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

And what to do about it

How has your year been so far? Has everything gone perfectly? Not a single inconvenience or moment of stress?

No? Hmm... Weird. I haven't had any trouble myself. :)

Just kidding! The plumbing broke in my bathroom, I caught a cold that lasted for three weeks and now the heater in my living room won't come on and it's snowing. Oh, and did I mention the nail in my tire?

So stress --- yep, it's a part of my life like it's a part of yours.

Most of us are aware that having plants in our space helps decrease stress. You likely have (or would like to have) a robust collection of houseplants. I encourage you to do so! But, did you know that even with all that greenery, there's more you can do to benefit from plants? Last month I shared scientific findings on the benefits of a high variety of plants.

A new study provides more details. Continue reading to learn the benefits of going beyond just greenery.

The Study

The work I am highlighting today is a pretty cool study investigating what happens to us physically and mentally when viewing flowers at different stages of bloom. The (somewhat intimidating) title is:

"Psycho-Physiological Effects of a Peony-Viewing Program on Middle-Aged and Elderly Individuals at Different Phenological Stages" and this study was undertaken by a group of professors in YangLing China: Zhao et al.*