Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course: STEP 5 Perceived Challenges (Internal)

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Hi! Welcome back to the Live Your Best Plant Life Mini-CourseMini-Course. If this is your first visit, you can catch up on previous exercises here: Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course.

Last week we looked at very tactile 'environmental challenges; having enough light, space, money or time to maintain more plants. However, there are many techniques and tools for gardening under resource constraints. I challenged you to consider if those were really the things holding you back.

This week we are going to examine mindsets around maintaining plants. Hopefully,full-scale this will help you clearly identify what is standing in the way of the plant life you want.

Part 1: The Quiz

In the quiz below, I've included some mindsets that may challenge your growing plant life. Download the printable quiz here: Internal Challenges

Once you complete the quiz, note any areas you rated a three or higher. For those areas rated three or higher, follow up with the related exercises in the sections below.

Part 2: The Exercises

#1 Fear and Frustration: I don’t know what to do/I’m afraid of wasting time and energy on something I don’t know will work out

Do feelings of frustration or fear dominate when thinking about your plant life? Does regret or shame over past mistakes, cause you to hesitate? This might sound pretty dramatic for plants, but it’s actually not that big of a stretch.

I myself have battled with feelings of shame in my plant life. I have made grand plans to garden and spent time and money getting supplies. I then let my plants wither and die as I ignored them a few weeks later. My willingness to try again became tied up with feelings of regret. I felt bad about wasting money and not following through. I became skeptical that I would do better if I tried again. I even felt that I didn't deserve to try again. I wanted something in my life that I was fully capable of adding to my life, but I constantly hesitated.

Do you have a similar story? In this and indeed in any area of your life, it’s important to live in the now.

Today is all you have - so today - will you do better or do nothing?

If you try and a plant dies - it’s okay. There is a reason scientists still do research on plants - there is so much that we don’t know. So don’t worry about being an expert - even the experts don’t know everything. To keep gardening fun - take a trial and error approach.

Feeling overwhelmed with the information available? Try deciding on one book, blog, or vlog. Set time limits when you do seek information so you don’t get lost in an unending web-search.

If you haven't yet done so, check out this resource on 'searching smart", part of a series from earlier this year on simplifying garden preparation. The Search Smart strategies will help you stay organized and efficient when searching.

Also - ask me! I'm constantly learning just like you but we can work together to figure things out.