Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course: Step 1 - Your Current Situation

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

We all can struggle to live our best life. Whether it’s going after the career, trip, or dream we want, we can feel there are obstacles in our path. This can be true even with something as simple as having plants. You may feel you don’t have enough time, light, money, space, expertise, or inspiration. It’s easy to always feel there is another obstacle in your way.

The Live your Best Plant Life Mini Course will help you identify and eliminate those obstacles. Follow along and complete the exercise included in each day's post. By the end I hope you will have the confidence and freedom to create the plant life you want - Your Best Plant Life!

Step 1: Your Current Situation

Today’s task is simple. Take inventory of your current plant life. What plants do you have now? Take photos, share to Instagram, and tag @hortikiplants.

You can also use our FREE PRINTABLE: Plant Inventory Photo Grid. That's it! Sounds super simple but it's actually a critical step. Taking an honest look at where you are starting from will help you celebrate the wins to come.

Come back next week for step two of the series or subscribe for updates. I'll share a fun and simple way to design your dream plantscape. Let me know what you think of the series or feel free to ask questions by commenting below.

Excited to go on this journey with you!

Plant Love for Life, Victoria

Founder, Hortiki Plants