Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course: Step 2 Your Dream Plantscape

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Thank you for following the Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course.

In Step 1 of the course you took a plant life inventory. I asked you to start there because it will help put everything into perspective moving forward. What do you think of your current plant life? Is it what you want it to be? If not, no worries! This course is designed to help you discover how you can make your plant life exactly what you want.

That starts today with the dream phase.

Often I find that I am so committed to being efficient, practical and task oriented, that I am not a very good dreamer. These are great qualities when you are trying to build a business. But sometimes, it means I’m dreaming within practical parameters instead of dreaming big. I don’t take time to think about what I truly want. Instead I consider what I want, that I can create with the limited resources I have. Great when it comes to getting things done but not so great for moving life forward in a big way. How can you have a good goal unless you have a great dream? Even if we are taking steps forward, what are we taking steps toward? If we spend our days taking tiny steps, moving, striving, trying but they don’t actually lead anywhere amazing… what’s the point?

I am excited to push those boundaries in my everyday life, and we need to do the same in our plant lives. I hope you apply many of the principles from this series to every aspect of your life. Live your best plant life, your best work life, your best sister life, your best neighbor life, your best life.

So! For this week, I challenge you to do something really hard: daydream. (Gasp from every teacher reading this. Daydreaming bad. Paying attention and working hard good). I know and usually that is true, but please bear with me. I want you to dream and dream big. Why? Because the plantscape you create as a result of this series should reflect what you truly want.

The plantscape you actually have the resources to create now, may not be the same size and scope of your dream. (My dream is that the entire city of DC would be a network of tree houses).