Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course: STEP 3 Your Motivation

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Thank you for utilizing the Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course. This course is designed to help you create your dream plantscape. If you are joining the course for the first time, catch up with: STEP 1: Your Current Situation, and STEP 2: Your Dream Plantscape. If you have done the exercises in the previous steps, you know where you currently stand, and where you want to go. Now, it's time to discover your motivation to change.

If you know your why, it will power you through the challenging parts of your journey. When things aren't growing, when you feel frustrated, or when you don't know if what you are trying to do is worth it. If you can be clear on why you have your plant life goals, you will be motivated to keep moving forward.

As an entrepreneur, I listen to a lot of business teaching.

If I am not sitting at my desk working, then I have a podcast, an audiobook, or an online course playing in the background. Whether I'm cooking, cleaning, walking to my day job, or even when I'm in the shower, I am trying to make every minute count. Efficient or overkill?

Only time will tell.

In nearly every series I hear, it is common that in some episodes, the teacher will say we need to know our 'why'. The idea that great businesses start with why is a common refrain. This concept gained popularity with this 2009 TED Talk by Simon Sinek: "How Great Leaders Inspire Action".

I have a lot of 'whys' for this business but, for the past two years, I have struggled to clarify which one is right. I struggled because I felt that my why wasn't noble or selfless enough. There are always many problems front and center in the news. There are also many amazing examples of people changing the world. I often feel that I am not doing enough to help. That the goals of my business will not lead me to make the kind of impact on the world I should. Sound familiar?

Now, don't get me wrong. I have the big, too scary to tell other people because they are so absurd, sized dreams.

I also have good, service-oriented goals, like wanting to help people like you have more plants in their everyday life. I meet so many people who say they like plants, but plants don't like them. That they can't grow plants. I just want to pick you all up and shake you and shout, YES you can!!! You can! I promise you - you CAN. It's easy and let me show you how. Plants are so good for us and the planet! People embracing a future where they only see plants in the cracks in the sidewalk?

That fires me up to instigate change!

But even that is not the real why for my business right now. The most pressing, urgent, keeps me going at work-hour 85 in my week, why for my business, is simply that I need to be free. I appreciate the opportunity to work in the federal government. I value supporting research and education and moving science forward. But the creativity I want to pursue, the problems I want to tackle, and the lifestyle I want to lead? None of that is possible while working in the bureaucracy. (I admitted to you last week that I want to live in a city of tree-houses - so you can see my dilemma).

Until last week, I would not have typed that, or said that out loud, or even admitted it to myself. Thankfully, I listened to an episode of Amy Porterfield's podcast explaining that it's okay if your why starts out self-motivated. It may start out that way but it will change as you meet your goals and are able to focus on other things.