Live Your Best Plant Life: STEP 4 Perceived Challenges (Environmental)

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Hi! Welcome back to the Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course. If you are just joining you can catch up on previous exercises here: Live Your Best Plant Life Mini Course.

So far in this course we have been very positive. Taking a fun photo inventory of our current plantlife. Dreaming up our ideal plantscape. Clarifying our motivation to create an amazing plant filled life.

This entire time however, there was probably a part of you saying BUT.

BUT I don't have enough x,y,z.

I do want a great plant life and these exercises are fun BUT...

Don't worry!

In this part of the course we are going to move beyond dreaming and finding inspiration. We are going to face up to the hard things standing in our way.

That doesn't mean that everything you think is a challenge really is one. We will be peeling off some layers to get to the root of the issue. But it does mean that by the end of this you will have practical tools for how to move your plant life forward in a real way.

Ready? Okay!

In the quiz below, I've included some oft reported environmental challenges to gardening. Download the printable quiz here: Environmental Challenges

Once you complete the quiz, note any areas you rated a three or higher. For those areas rated three or higher, follow up with the related exercises in the sections below.

Money - Space - Light as Barriers.