More Different Plants

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

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I'm sure you are gearing up to clean, organize, and enhance your life in every way for a fantastic 2019. Naturally adding more plants to your life is part of your plan, right? I am so excited for the plant journey you will travel this year! To help you get started, download the FREE 2019 Plants-At-A-Glance Calendar I've created to help you stay on track. Through Hortiki I will continue providing useful resources like these to help you live your best plant life.

I want you to use up-to-the-minute scientific strategies on how to enhance your plant life. For that reason I'm delighted to kick-off the year with findings from a new study about plants and our health.

Most of us are aware that plants clean the air in our homes. That plants benefit our mood and level of productivity. To be unscientific for a moment, we know that plants make us happy!

Still, many of us fall into a pattern of having only three to five common houseplants. Perhaps one or two more on a kitchen windowsill that we use for cooking. If that is you, high five. You are actually ahead of the game. But, would having a greater variety help?

The Study

The study I am highlighting today is "The influence of plant species richness