Now is the Time: Sweet Potato Vine

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of articles detailing the benefits of indoor plants. For now, trust me that there are many benefits, and most of us need more plants in our life. Here at Hortiki Plants, I am working to prepare kits to help you easily add more plants to your small space both indoors and out. However, I can't bear to think of you living a bleak, plant-less existence for the rest of the year. (Tear drop). Get started immediately by following the four easy steps in the graphic below to grow a beautiful and versatile vine from an spare sweet potato you probably have in your house now.

Now you may be thinking, hey - that’s not anything new. I did that as a kid 20 years ago. Or - there are a ton of posts online about growing sweet potato vines. Where’s the innovation?! That all may be true. But let me ask you: How many sweet potato vines do you have in your home? For most of us (including myself) the answer is probably zero.


Sweet Potato vines can be absolutely gorgeous and they are amazingly simple to grow. Perhaps it's not innovation we need, but motivation? With that in mind I issue you a mini-challenge and encourage you to get growing today. Challenge yourself to keep your vine alive into 2018. Not only will you take a greener, fresher home into the new year, but you will also be super encouraged once you see how simply you can start your plant collection. You'll even be able to impress your foodie friends with some very avante-garde dishes, as the leaves are both edible and delicious. (Have you ever cooked with sweet potato leaves? What recipes did you try and how did it turn out?) I'm going to need some ideas since I just this minute set my own potato to growing.

Image of sweet potato suspended in jar with water.

Yes, that is a hair pin instead of a toothpick in my sweet potato. I don't have any toothpicks and had to use some innovation. Ha! Actually the hair pins went in very easily, unlike toothpicks which can break. Use what you have. The key is to get growing and start creating the plant filled life you've always wanted now!

Need more in depth instructions? Check out this great step-by-step tutorial by Kelly Michaels at (I am not an affiliate, I just love her article).

You can also just ask me!

Leave a comment below or send a direct message to Keep me updated with your progress on Facebook and Instagram @hortikiplants and have fun!

Victoria LeBeaux, PhD

Founder, Hortiki Plants