9 Pro-Tips for Gifting Plants

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Giving a live plant this holiday? You're the best! Here are 9 pro-tips to ensure your gift is a hit! Watch the video, read the list, or jump straight to the FREE downloadable tip-sheet.

1. Gift wrap - plants shouldn’t be left in covered airless boxes for long. If giving in person, try wrapping just the container and leave the top of the plant free to breath.

2.Does your giftee have cats and dogs? Check the plant's toxicity to pets before making your purchase. Check the ASPCA's Poisonous Plant database: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants

3. Have plants delivered later in the year as a surprise. The unexpected gift can really brighten someone’s day. You can tell them the plant is on it’s way or let it be a total surprise. It’s up to you.

4. Do some research. Add some growing tips to make it easy for your giftee to care for their plants

5. Try adding a book (check out this post about the benefits of the plant + book combination).

6. Be mindful of how giftees will carry gifts home if you meet face to face and bring the plants with you. Plants are allowed on airplanes both in checked bags and as carry-on items. However, they must fit either under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Consider if this can be done without damage to the plants before gifting.

7. Add additional items to make themed gifts. Check out the kits in the Hortiki Plants Shop for Inspiration