3 Container Garden Survival Strategies for the Blazing Days of Summer

#1 Keep your plants watered during your vacay (or your staycay).

I hope you will definitely take some time to get away this summer. Hopefully deep into nature where you can fully disconnect. But if not, it's okay. Plan a visit to a local garden. Spend time soaking in the stress reducing hues and health boosting microbes there. Jump over to this post from last October for tools to help you find free public gardens worldwide.

To ensure your plants stay hydrated while you’re away, watch the video below. In this short, three minute video, I demonstrate how to use the wick watering method,;a low-tech, low-cost automatic watering system.

#2 Start heat-loving plants from seed now.

Do you thrive during midsummer? Loving the long days? Cheerfully enduring the heat and humidity poolside while sipping icy frozen lemonades? There are plants who thrive in the high heat of summer too. Start watermelon, muskemelon (cantaloupe), cucumber and squash seeds by mid-July. Check out the melon varieties in the Hortiki Plants shop for inspiration. These varieties work well in small spaces and containers.

# 3 Create a cool down corner