Discover the Secret of 'The Second Summer'

Originally Published August 12, 2018

Updated August 10, 2019

Back-to-school commercials? Already?! What happened to summer?!

If you are anything like me you are astounded by how quickly this year is moving. I hope you’ve taken some time to enjoy the summer months. But if summer has slipped by and you haven’t yet had time to do most of the fun things you wanted to do, don’t despair. There is still time. Most pools won’t close until after Labor Day, and the weather is still warm. Even if you are caught up in the planning for back-to-school, you can commit to squeezing in a bit more summer. Naturally, Hortiki and I think the best way boost to your summer vibe is - to start gardening!

Start a garden--- in August?

Yes, that’s right. In August.

In gardening there is a special, almost magical time of year known as the second summer. Read on to learn more.

#1 The second summer happens in the middle to late part of the summer. It's the time to start new crops that actually need to be started this time of year. That's right. It's not that you are taking a risk. Praying the fairies come out and help your crops grow against all logic. Midsummer heat is actually exactly what some crops need to grow best. (Squash is a classic example. Other cucurbits like melons and cucumbers, also do well in high summer heat). Some varieties of cucumbers and melons actually only need 55-65 days to go from seed to harvest. Don't be shy about getting started now.

#2 I get it. There is oppressive heat and 90% humidity this time of year. It is the least appealing time for us to be out in the garden, so what am I so excited about?

A) Second summer is the perfect time to update your indoor herb garden. Check out our blog post on summer container gardening for ideas. Use the free worksheet to learn perfect indoor herbs and succulents to grow now. They will help keep you cool while out enjoying the last days and rays of summer.

B) Second summer is the perfect time to start fall seeds indoors. Get the gardening glow from within your temperature-controlled summer retreat.

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#3 Finally, second summer is a great time to decide what you want to do for your spring and summer garden next year. This time of year gardening is a hot media topic. Gardening blogs, magazines, teaching videos, etc. are constantly being. Enjoy viewing the information without the guilt of feeling that you're too late.

Check-out our earlier blog series on 5 Steps to Simply Your Garden Prep. There are free worksheets included to help you envision your future garden. Use them for your fall garden planning and for next spring. You can also jump right over to our free resource page to get a free step-by-step All In One Organizer. It will guide you through every stage of the garden planning process.

#4 For me, the greatest benefit of the second summer is realizing there is always opportunity to grow. I don't have to wait for perfect timing to have the plant life I want or the life I want generally. I can live my best (plant-filled) life now and so can you!

Kickstart your second summer with our free tips worksheet. Go to our Free Resource Page to get instant access.