Your Ultimate Garden Planning Checklist

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Determined to have the best garden of your life this year? Can’t wait for Spring? Hortiki totally understands! What is less understandable is how it can still be so gray, cold, rainy and snowy when we are so ready to get started?

Photo of winter landscape with groundhog looking out of hole

The sad truth is that we have several more weeks of winter to get through so we must have a little extra patience. But never fear! There is an easy way to both enjoy winter and embrace your excitement for spring. Grab some coco or cider, find a fireplace, and a view of a pretty winter landscape. Now let your visions of spring and summer gardening flourish!

Use the 20+ ideas in the list below to ensure you know exactly what you will plant, what you will need, where you will put everything, and even how much you will spend! Go to the Hortiki Plants Free Resources page to get your Free Winter Workbook and create Your Ultimate Garden Plan using the checklist below.

Image of gardening tools with text that says: Your Ultimate Garden Planning Checklist


1. What do you like?

(a) What do you like to eat?

(b) What do you buy from the store that goes bad quickly?

(c) What flowers do you like?

(d) What have you grown in the past that did well?

(e) What did you grow that didn’t do well and why? Do you want to try again? (f) Is there anything new you would like to try?

2. Is there anything new you would like try? Find Inspiration.

(a) Browse seed catalogs. If you start now you have time to grow anything you want from seed. Take advantage of this early start by being adventurous. Look for new and heirloom varieties that you won’t be able to find in grocery stores.

(b) Flip through gardening magazines. (Previous issues from spring and summer will have plenty of gorgeous photos and tips). Check your public library for free digital magazine subscriptions.

(c) Check-out gardening books specific to your growing region. (Again your public library is a great free resource).

(d) Take advantage of public garden tours, talks and classes at garden centers. (e) Listen to garden podcasts (yes - those exist).

(f) Find inspiration from your favorite cooking shows, recipes, websites, etc. If you’d like to eat it, plan to grow it!

(g) Talk to neighbors, friends, and coworkers with nice gardens.

3. Use the checklist workbook to create a master list of everything you think you want to grow. (You will whittle it down in the stages below). Click here to access the workbook through the Hortiki Plants Free Resource.

Image of gardening planning worksheets. Image is clickable. Worksheets can be downloaded for free after email sign-up to Hortiki Plants' newsletter


4. Identify available indoor and outdoor space and measure.

5. Identify how much light you get in each gardening space.

6. Look up gardening (plant hardiness) zone. In the US, use the free mapping tool from the United States Department of Agriculture. Identify your zone by your zip code and get printable maps of your local state conditions.